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Xtreme LED Tail Light Bulb

Xtreme LED Tail Light Bulb

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This is an Xtreme LED Tail Light Bulb. This extremely bright LED bulb is designed to replace the stock tail light bulb on most Harley Davidson models. This bulb increases visibility over the stock incandescent bulb while drawing less power, illuminating quicker and lasting longer. This bulb puts out 550 lumens which is the equivalent of an 80 Watt incandescent bulb while only drawing .6 Amps of power. The red Cree LED's function as running lights as well as brake lights. It easily plugs into the stock socket on all bikes that take a 3157 style bulb. Confirm that this is the style of bulb that you have before ordering. Since there is no need to replace the original housing, your bike retains the factory look. Please note that since this bulb contains red LED's, it will produce a red light to light up your license plate if your factory housing doubles as a license plate light. HD3157

Item:    SCMHD3157    

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