OEM Part Finder

Cyclemax now allows you to order any OEM Honda part for any year or model of Honda Goldwing from 1980-2021 or any other Honda Road Bike. Just click on the link below, select your year and model, find your part and place your order. 

OEM Part Finder

We do not stock most of these parts. If you are looking for in stock OEM Parts please click on one of the collections on our homepage to see what OEM Parts are available for immediate shipping.

Once you place your OEM order with us, we will then order your parts from Honda. If any of your parts have been discontinued or are on back order, we will notify you to explain your options. If any of the items that you have selected show $0.00 for a price, they have been discontinued. 

Our order from Honda takes approximately 4 business days to reach us. We will then ship your order to you which will also take a few days depending on where you live. Please keep in mind when you see the 1 to 4 day shipping estimate during the checkout process, remember that it is from the time we receive the parts from Honda. And the shipping could even be longer if you are outside of the United States.

You will receive an e-mail from us advising you of when your parts are shipped. Unfortunately, this portion of our website is separate from our main website so, you will need to enter shipping and payment information when placing an order here as well as a new login with email.

If you place orders in both areas, tell us if you would like them shipped together and we will attempt to do so and refund any excess shipping that may have been paid.

There will be a 20% restocking fee on any OEM part ordered by mistake or cancelled after we order it from our Honda warehouse.