About Us

Cyclemax was formed in January of 2003 by Gary Seith as a result of his search for discount Goldwing parts for his own bike. He started selling parts on eBay out of his home. Due to the high volume of requests for parts and accessories, he was compelled to build a website to keep up with customers’ needs. He learned early on that once his customer decides to purchase an item, they want it yesterday.

To help keep up with the steadily increasing sales the first year, his wife, Betty, helped out part-time with all of the office duties. She quit her job to work full-time at Cyclemax after the second year. After the third year of business, they had outgrown the house and moved to a 7000 square foot location in Valley City. 

Sales have increased each year to the point of Cyclemax being one of the highest volume Goldwing parts and Goldwing accessory dealers in the world. Gary and Betty have added employees to keep up with orders but still perform many of the duties themselves. Gary has been riding and working on motorcycles since 1971. Motorcycles have been a part of Betty’s life since 1998. We are proud to be able to offer big store prices with small store customer service.