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This is an LED replacement bulb. This Xtreme LED bulb is made by SoCalMotoGear and is designed to replace the 1156 and 1157 style bulbs used in many cars and motorcycles. This is available in either amber single brightness 1156 style base, amber dual brightness 1157 style base or the red dual brightness 1157 style base. So, the red 1157 bulbs will function as running and brake lights, the amber 1157 bulbs will function as running and turn signal lights while the amber 1156 bulbs function as turn signals only. Each bulb has a total of 16 super bright LED's positioned around the circumference and end of the bulb. In addition to being much brighter than the stock bulbs, they also light faster which gives other drivers more time to react to your braking or turning. These are sold individually. Select the correct color/base when ordering. 1156A, 1157A, 1157R

Note: If you will be using any of these LED bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs for turn signals, you will need a load equalizer or LED Flasher to get the lights to flash at the normal pace. This can be purchased separately on our site. Without one, the turn signals will flash at a faster pace. 

Note: All Goldwing GL1500's from 1988-1997 have two red 1157 and two amber 1156 bulbs in the rear trunk light. The 1998-2000 GL1500's have the two red 1157 bulbs but, Honda changed the amber 1156 bulbs. They replaced them with specialized bulbs that only Honda sells. So, if you have a 1998-2000 GL1500 and want to put LED bulbs in your rear turn signals, please call us, we have a solution!

Note: Finally, we have found an LED bulb to replace the factory incandescent bulbs in the trunk and saddlebag lights that are actually brighter than the stock bulbs. We have been testing many different brands of LED bulbs over the last few years and this is the first to surpass the stock bulbs as well as all of the other brands of LED bulbs. These are extremely bright.  

Item:   SCM1156A, SCM1157A, SCM1157R   SoCalMotoGear

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