Valkyrie 35 Watt HID Headlight Kit

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This is an HID headlight conversion kit. This kit is made by SoCalMotoGear and is designed to replace the stock halogen headlight bulb(s) on the Honda Valkyrie. It includes one or two 35 watt HID H4 bulbs along with one or two digital slimline ballasts and all of the wiring and hardware needed to convert your headlight bulbs to HID's. These High Intensity Discharge bulbs put out 3 times the light of the stock halogen bulbs while drawing less power and they run cooler. These 6000 temperature bulbs produce a white light that is slightly in the blue family. Once you try these, you will never go back to halogens. The use of this plug and play kit retains the high/low beam function while converting both the low and high beams to HID. This kit will fit all Valkyries from 1997-2003. Be sure to select the correct kit for your bike when ordering.   H1HK, HRGHK

Item:    SCMH1HK, SCMHRGHK    SoCalMotoGear

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