Universal Isolated Trailer Wiring Harness

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This is a universal isolated trailer wiring harness. This is made by Show Chrome and is designed to isolate the wiring between the bike and the trailer to prevent electrical feedback into the bike. As motorcycles get more complex with electronic ignitions, fuel injection, ABS braking and other sensitive electronics, isolating electronics between your motorcycle and trailer is critical for safe riding. Big Bike Parts® Electronically Isolated Trailer Harnesses for the Honda Goldwing and the Can-Am Spyder have set the standard for trailer to bike protection for years. This same Electronically Isolated Trailer Wire Harness is now available as a universal fitment for all other motorcycles. Electronic backflow is eliminated with heavy duty self-setting relays to protect your motorcycle. This five wire system provides direct connection for running, brake, left turn signal, right turn signal and ground. Weather resistant gel sealed splice connectors are included to make an easy and durable connection for long term use. This is designed for use on earlier Goldwings, Harleys, Yamahas and other great trailer pulling vehicles. If you are using a trailer with a 4 wire system, you will also need to purchase a 5 to 4 converter. This 5 wire harness gets the power for the trailer lights directly from the battery. It has four relays that are activated by the factory wiring harness. Installation instructions are included. 16-125

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