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Ryde Wear Quick Release Buckle

Ryde Wear Quick Release Buckle

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This is a quick release buckle. This is made by Ryde Wear and is designed to attach to your helmet strap to provide a secure way to release the strap quickly. Put safety and convenience first with this patented motorcycle helmet quick release for your helmet's chin strap. This attaches easily to most helmets with no sewing or special tools required. It is not required to take the D-rings off of your helmet to install this. This all aluminum unit is the strongest light weight quick release buckle made. It comes with instructions, will not rust and it fits all 3/4", 7/8" and 1" wide straps. CM1047

Safety Plus Convenience - First Full Metal Strongest Helmet Quick Release Made

  • Metal Helmet Quick Release Chin Buckles
  • Easily Attaches to Most All Helmets
  • Switch This Between New Helmets For Life
  • Adjust It Once Then Simple push button on/off for life even with gloves on  
  •   Item; CM1047  Ryde Wear  
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