Rollin' Eyes GL1500 Headlight Insert Kit

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This is a Rollin' Eyes GL1500 headlight insert kit. This kit is made by Ergomot and is designed to install easily on the early style GL1500 headlight and give your headlight all of the light show capabilities of the Rollin' Eyes system. Each light strip has 14 LED's on each side for a total of 28 LED's on each strip. This is a total of 56 LED's per headlight with both strips. These are the new V4 series of light strips. The advantage of V4 compared to old V3 style is: whiter whites, no more splitters needed and no more extention cables needed! Each strip comes with over 5 feet of cable and the required connectors to connect it to a controller. You can cut the cable as needed. This kit will ONLY work on the 1988-1997 style headlight. If you have a 1998-2000 Goldwing GL1500 or have installed the new style headlight on your 1988-1997 bike, this will not fit. RE-15-HEAD

Item:    ERRE-15-HEAD    Ergomot

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