Replacement OEM Blade Style Fuse

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This is a replacement OEM blade style fuse. This is made by Honda and is designed to be a direct replacement for the original fuse that came on all Goldwing GL1500's and GL1800's from 1988-2021. These are sold individually. The picture is just to show the different styles available. They are available in standard or mini sizes. Please make your selection when ordering. 98200-30500, 98200-31000, 98200-31500, 98200-40500, 98200-41000, 98200-41500, 98200-42000, 98200-43000

Item:  H98200-30500, H98200-31000, H98200-31500, H98200-40500, H98200-41000, H98200-41500, H98200-42000, H98200-43000   Honda 

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