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NEO Magnetic 14mm Drain Bolt

NEO Magnetic 14mm Drain Bolt

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This is a 14mm NEO magnetic oil drain bolt. This gold zinc plated steel bolt is made by G.W.R. Specialty Automotive Products and is designed to replace the factory oil drain bolt. These magnetic bolts have Neodymium magnets that are 5 to 10 times stronger than standard magnets. This allows them to pick up much more of the ferrous metal particles that could damage the inside of your engine. The magnetic bolts can be cleaned during oil changes to help prolong the life of your engine. It will fit all Goldwing GL1100's, GL1200's, GL1500's, GL1800's and F6B's. This will also replace the rear differential drain bolt on all GL1500's, GL1800's and F6B's. 85-8822NM

Item:   GWR85-8822NM  G.W.R.   
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