LED Turn Signal Flasher

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This is an LED turn signal flasher. This is made by SoCalMotoGear and is designed to restore the flash rate of the turn signals to a normal pace if any incandescent lamps are replaced with LED's. If you change any of your turn signal bulbs to LED's, you remove the load that the stock flasher needs to have the correct rate. This LED flasher is self regulating and it doesn't care if it is flashing LED's or incandescent bulbs. It's DOT approved and rated at 20 amps so you can continue to use regular bulbs too. This is a plug and play unit that will fit all Goldwing GL1800's and F6B's from 2001-2017. The unit comes with one plug that will be used on 2001-2005 bikes and another plug that will be used on 2006-2017 bikes. These will also plug directly into and work perfectly on the 1988-2000 GL1500's as well. Note: Please keep in mind that the GL1500 has one flasher for the turn signals and another flasher for the emergency flashers. So, if you want both to work properly, you will need to purchase two flashers and change them both. GL88T1

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Item:    SCMGL88T1   SoCalMotoGear 

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