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ISO Throttle Boss

ISO Throttle Boss

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This is a chrome ISO Throttle Boss. This is made by Kuryakyn and is designed to mount on the end of any ISO grip to form a small paddle to rest the palm of your throttle hand on in order to relax the muscles to reduce fatigue. It will work on either the left or the right side. It really helps a great deal on those long trips. This is available in the standard and extended which is 1/4" longer than the standard. These come with all of the mounting hardware and instructions.

You can also purchase two Throttle Bosses if you want them on both grips.

Note: the standard throttle boss will not fit on the K6183 or K6383 ISO Grips for heated grips. You must use K6242 for the ISO Grips for heated grips.  

Item:   K6250, K6253, K6242   Kuryakyn

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