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Hyper-Lite 16 LED Universal

Hyper-Lite 16 LED Universal

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This is a set of 16 LED Hyper-Lites. This kit includes two ABS plastic pods with 16 super bright LED's encased in epoxy in each. They are designed to alert traffic that you are braking. It uses a microprocessor to operate the running lights at 30% intensity and brake lights at 100%. This is available with either all red LED's or 8 red LED's and 8 amber LED's which allows you to add the turn signal function to them. The red LED's can be set to flash for 5 seconds and then stay on solid when the brakes are applied or flash continuously while braking. These measure approximately 2" X 7/8", attach with double-sided tape and come with complete instructions. Select the correct kit when ordering. These are water proof, shock resistant and made in the USA! WDFU32, WHL3WAY

Item:    HLWDFU32, HLWHL3WAY    Hyper-Lites

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