Honda GN4 Oil Gallon

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This is a gallon of GN4 motor oil. This SJ oil is made by Honda and is designed to be the standard replacement oil for all of their powersports products. It is available in either 10W-30 or 10W-40. Be sure to make your selection when ordering. 08C35-A131L02, 08C35-A141L01

Item:    H08C35-A131L02, H08C35-A141L01    Honda

Customer Reviews

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Homero Garza
GN4 Honda Oil great product quality

I have been using the Honda GN4 oil and filter on my 2015 Gold Wing 1800 since day one achieving so far 63000 miles without a problem. Based on my experience I strongly recommend this product. Gallon size format is easier to use than quarters.

David Elliott

Honda GN4 Oil Gallon

Thick, Slick and Did The Trick!

This oil is delicious! I don't recommend drinking this oil, but when I asked my bike "Dorothy" about it, she said "Mmm, mmm...this is just what I was looking for!" I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

ken benz
Honda GN4 Oil Gallon

not much to say about the oil other than its Honda's oil and theoretically it meets and/or exceeds their specification. CycleMax, however, is great with pricing and selection. I try to purchase all of my Goldwing supplies here

Raymond Borchert

I have used the oil many times before. Not a new experience..

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