Harley Dual Bulb HID Headlight Kit

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Custom designed for Harley Motorcycles that uses a Dual-Bulb Top/Bottom Halogen system such as some CVO models, 2014 Street Glides and certain V-rods. Scroll down and see if your headlight looks similar. HDBHK

Unlike other kits, you do not need to run any bulky wiring back to your battery.

Get ready for the Ultimate Lighting Upgrade!
This professional Harley Dual-Bulb Kit will completely replace your factory lighting to our HID lighting. This is for bikes that came with the H9 and H11 bulbs from the factory. This kit will enable you to have HIDs for your LO and HI beams. Our Kits are custom designed for Harley motorcycles, including everything needed for a smooth Plug ‘N Play installation. See 3x brighter and seriously improve your RIDE at night!

*See note below about High-Beam usage.

High Intensity Discharge Lighting is much brighter and projects a further and wider beam at a fraction of the cost compared to factory LED systems that can cost upwards of $500 or more. Our HIDs will throw a much further and wider beam down the road allowing you to see much more.

Confirm that this is the type of headlight that is on your motorcycle.

All kits include:
  • Instruction manual.
  • Industrial strength double sided 3M pad(s).
  • Alcohol wipes.
  • Industrial strength zip ties.
Free Technical Support

*6000k temperature = Bright White

HID Lumens: About 3000

  • HI/LO BEAM HID KIT: Ships with 2 Rugged Ballasts, 2 HID bulbs & all necessary installation cables and hardware.

Fitment: Will fit the new Harley style Dual-Bulb Halogen headlights that are found on 2014 models & headlights that uses a Dual-Bulb halogen on top and bottom.


NOTE: If your motorcycle has a built in factory garage door opener when engaging your HI BEAM, installing the HID in the HI BEAM will no longer work with your garage door opening feature.

HIDs do not come on instantly as your normal stock bulbs. On start-up, HID's take about 15-20secs or longer to completely reach it's full brightness unlike a stock halogen bulb. Use caution and understand this when using your high beams.
35W HID system. 35w per ballast.
  • Road tested by actual Harley owners.
  • Traditionally poor factory lighting makes this the perfect upgrade for your bike.
    H.I.Ds outlasts traditional halogens lifespan by 3x or more.
  • Light output resembles that of luxury vehicles at a fraction of the
  • price.
  • Ranging from a quarter mile away, the HID lights reflect off the
  • interstate’s overhead signs, allowing you to see them like never before.
  • H.I.Ds produce a better and further beam compared to LEDs, therefore
  • offering a much better value.
  • Produces a wider and further beam pattern compared to halogen bulbs,
  • dramatically improving night vision driving.
  • See DEER at a greater distance than ever before.
  • Item:    SCMHDBHK    TruHID's   

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