Goldstrike Drink Holder

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This is a drink holder. This is made by Goldstrike and is designed to mount to their passenger armrests. The Goldstrike Drink Holder is the perfect way to bring that beverage on the road with you. The durable neoprene rubber molded net is designed to securely grip your cup so there's no worry of losing it. The rubber is also weatherproof and won't deteriorate in the sun or elements you encounter on the road. It mounts quickly to Ciro's line of ball mounts. This is available in Standard or Big Ass sizes and both are available with either a chrome or a black ring at the top. Be sure to make your selection when ordering. 58003, 58005, 58007, 58009

NOTE: Goldstrike recommends not using the standard size drink holder with their armrests because the center of gravity is not low enough with some drink containers to keep the drink level when the trunk lid is opened. The Big Ass drink holder has a lower center of gravity and will stay level better when opening the trunk lid. 

Item:   CIR-58003, CIR-58005, CIR-58007, CIR-58009  Ciro 

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