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GL1800 Windshield Panel Emblem

GL1800 Windshield Panel Emblem

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This is a windshield panel emblem. This is an OEM Honda emblem that came on all years of Goldwing GL1800's. It is mounted in a piece of foam and has a piece of tape on it to hold the letters in place until it is mounted. It attaches with double sided tape that is already installed. This is available in either gold or silver (chrome). 2001-2004 bikes came with gold while 2005-2017 bikes came with chrome. Either style will fit on any year bike. Be sure to select the finish you want when ordering. This will fit all Goldwing GL1800's from 2001-2017. 64125-MCA-A40, 64125-MCA-A20ZA

Item:    H64125-MCA-A40, H64125-MCA-A20ZA    Honda 

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