GL1800 TailBlazer Spoiler Brake Light Flasher

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This is a TailBlazer brake light flasher. This is made by Kisan and is designed to turn the OEM Honda spoiler light into a running light as well as flash the spoiler light when the brakes are applied. It is a dual-function unit that powers the LED light-bar with low intensity as a running light and, upon brake activation, it flashes the light-bar at full intensity. When you apply the brakes, the brake light will modulate fast at first then slow down to a solid over a four second period. This is a plug and play unit except for one wire that needs to be spliced into the bikes wiring harness for the running light power. The kit includes the clip to do that as well as complete instructions. This unit mounts in the trunk lid between the outer shell and the inner lid. This will fit all Goldwing GL1800's from 2001-2017. KI25LED-D

This is a dual function unit - it powers the LED light-bar with low intensity as a Running Light, and upon brake activation it flashes the light-bar at full intensity. 

25LED-D unit mounts on the back of the trunk lid. 

When you apply the brakes the brake light will modulate fast at first then slow down to a solid On over a four second period. 

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) suggests that you pump your brakes at each stop. tailBlazer does it automatically, and by flashing the bulb filament at maximum brightness.


As soon as you tap your brakes, drivers behind you will see a rapid flash of the brake lights. This sudden flashing invokes immediate attention.


tailBlazer uses a flash pattern which decays exponentially - a well-recognized deceleration warning. The attention to the initial flashing now changes to a clear recognition that you're beginning to slow down!

Simply flashing brake lights or flashing them on & off will get the attention of drivers behind you, but it doesn't invoke anything else. Every split second of delay in their reaction reduces your safety margin.

The internal circuitry is controlled by a microprocessor. The trigger voltage to begin the deceleration flash pattern when the brakes are applied is set @ 12.1V min. Therefore you may need to have the engine running for brake flash to occur reliably.

The microprocessor can also be programmed to adjust intensity of the Running Light feature. Simply hold the brakes and then turn the ignition on three times quickly. There are two selectable intensities "High" and "Low".

Deceleration flash pattern for the brakes will always be at full intensity.

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