GL1800 Sequential Passenger Armrest Lights

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This is a pair of sequential LED passenger armrest lights. These ABS plastic lights are made by Add-On and are designed to mount to the rear of the passenger armrests. They are available with either chrome plated housings or gloss black housings. Please make your selection when ordering. These powerful integrated lights function as red running lights, brighter red brake lights and sequential amber turn signals when activated. The lights wrap around the passenger armrests to provide added safety to the rear and side of the bike. They create an attention getting bright light that is more easily seen at eye level to approaching vehicles. The stylish chrome ABS housing is beautiful and functional, reflecting the lights for more effectiveness. They attach easily with strong self adhesive tape and wire connectors for an easy integration into the bike's wiring system. This is not a plug and play system. These will fit all 2006-2017 Goldwing GL1800's. These will not fit the 2001-2005 or the F6B models. 45-1854, 45-1854GB


Item:    45-1854, 45-1854GB  Add-On 

Customer Reviews

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Vitaly Poliakov

We bought these feet on Goldwing 1800. They are very beautiful. worked for two years. Then water got into them and they failed. Inside, the diode strip with the programmer failed due to water ingress. Help me repair it or let the manufacturer buy spare tapes inside.

Jack Durant
Cautiously optimistic

This is the second set of these I've purchased in the past year. I really like the lights, but while parked at a restaurant my bike was deluged by a brief (10 minute) but heavy rain squall. In the following days I noticed moisture droplets inside the entire right side lens. The storm came in from the right side and the left lens was ok. Within a couple of weeks the right side started exhibiting erratic flashes until the right turn signal and brake light function failed completely. I don't wish to discourage anyone from purchasing these lights, but beware that the lens is not completely sealed. After I removed and replaced the faulty light, I experimented with a small screwdriver along the edge of the old lens and was able to pop it out (something I wish I had done when I first saw the moisture). careful when you wash your bike or if you get caught in a heavy rain. I would have given 5 stars, but I feel the manufacturer could have done a better job sealing these lenses.

Thomas Ceska

Schnell und zuverlässig. Die Ware entsprach genau der Beschreibung.

Wayne Morgan
Passenger Armrest Lights.

Please with the lights. Would recommend better instruction for installing the lights. What was supplied was not very clear.

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