GL1800 Replacement Super-White Headlight Bulb

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This is a GL1800 replacement super white headlight bulb. This 55 Watt H7 Halogen bulb is distributed by Electrical Connection and is designed to be a direct replacement for either the low beam or the high beam on the Goldwing GL1800's and F6B's from 2001-2017. This German made bulb is brighter and whiter than the the stock H7 bulbs. A picture of an actual "on the garage wall" test with a stock factory bulb on the left and this bulb on the right is available by clicking the more images button. These are sold individually. Always be sure to clean the glass surface of any halogen bulb with alcohol before installing it to prevent premature burnout from the dirt or oil on your hands.  02508

Item:    EC02508    Electrical Connection  

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