GL1800 Rear Suspension Preload Line

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This is a rear suspension preload line. This stainless steel preload line is made by H-E-L USA and is designed to replace the factory rubber preload line on the rear suspension. Over time the stock rubber hose swells and stretches which allows air into the system. This results in having much less preload and therefore, the suspension system does not work as it was designed to. This stainless steel line eliminates any swelling and restores the capabilities of the system back to normal. The factory rubber hose is not available separately from Honda. They only sell the entire suspension unit as an assembly at a cost of over $1000.00. This line comes with four new copper crush washers. This is available with or without new bolts. Be sure to select the kit that you want when ordering. If you select the kit without bolts, you will have to re-use the original factory Honda banjo bolts. This comes with instructions and will fit all Goldwing GL1800's and F6B's from 2001-2017. Made in the USA. GL1800-0, GL1800-1

Item:    HEGL1800-0, HEGL1800-1    H-E-L USA 

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