GL1800 Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit - P0414-0401

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This is a monotube fork cartridge kit. This is made by Progressive Suspension and is designed to convert dual damper rod, AND damper rod / cartridge forks to true high performance Monotube Cartridge Forks! This kit contains a pair of high performance, gas charged Mono-tube fork cartridges complete with a set of our famous fork springs and is a direct internal component replacement. No modification to the forks is required. Installation of this kit will provide improved resistance to front brake dive, improved front end stability & cornering, improved bottoming control and it includes a lifetime limited warranty. This kit comes with complete instructions and will fit all Goldwing GL1800's and F6B's from 2001-2017. 77-9004, 0414-0401, 31-2511

Item:  T77-9004, P0414-0401  Progressive Suspension  

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