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Electrical Connection

GL1800 Low Beam Cutout Harness

GL1800 Low Beam Cutout Harness

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This is a low beam cutout harness. This is made by Electrical Connection and is designed to turn the low beam headlights on after the bike is running. Your Goldwing shuts the headlight off when you press the starter button. This process of cycling power (on with the key--off with the starter--on once running) is hard on both the bulb and especially on an HID ballast. This harness changes the trigger to your low beam relay so that the low beams only get power after the bikes engine is started. This installs easily under the seat on the 2001-2010 models. On the 2012-2017 models there are some connections under the seat and one connection on the oil pressure sending unit near the oil filter. This will fit all Goldwing GL1800's and F6B's from 2001-2017. Select the correct year and model of your bike when ordering.   02114, 02116

Item:   EC02114, EC02116    Electrical Connection

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