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Electrical Connection

GL1800 Heated Seat Dummy Load

GL1800 Heated Seat Dummy Load

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This is a heated seat dummy load. The dummy load is made by Electrical Connection and is designed to plug into the factory wiring harness. If you have a GL1800 with the comfort group and have replaced the factory heated seat with an aftermarket seat that is not heated, the heated grips will no longer work. By pluging this load into the factory wiring harness where the seat would normally be, it fools the bike into thinking that there is still a heated seat in place. This will allow the heated grips to continue to work. This can also be used if the original heated seat has failed. This will fit all Goldwing GL1800's from 2006-2010 with the factory heated seat as well as all 2012-2017 models. 04300

Item:   EC04300   Electrical Connection   

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