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Electrical Connection

GL1800 Fuel Cap Harness

GL1800 Fuel Cap Harness

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This is a fuel cap harness. This is made by Electrical Connection and is designed to keep you from losing your fuel cap when you remove it at gas stations. Most cars and trucks these days have a harness attached to the cap and the vehicle eliminating the problem. Not so with the Goldwing. This was designed to be static resistant, easy to install, rust and corrosion resistant as well as harmless to bike and user. This harness is made from a high-strength, corrosion resistant stainless steel that is soft, very flexible and finger-friendly. It has a protective plastic coating and is able to handle a weight of 15 pounds. We add ends and include a stainless steel screw for mounting to the cap. The harness is just the right length to allow the cap to hang over the top of the fuel door without scratching it because of our coating. This will fit all Goldwing, Goldwing Tour, GL1800 and F6B models from 2001-2021. Made in USA. 09103

Item:   EC09103    Electrical Connection   

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