GL1800 Front Turn Signal Socket Set

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This is a pair of front turn signal socket harnesses. These are made by Honda and are designed to be direct replacements for the original socket harnesses that came standard on all US spec Goldwing GL1800's. We are offering these to allow people with Euro spec and Australian spec bikes to add the running light feature to their bikes. These are three wire sockets so, they will make it possible to have the lights function as running lights as well as turn signals. We have one set that has the 2001-2005 style plugs and another set that has the 2006-2017 style plugs. Be sure to make your selection when ordering. CM1046A, CM1046B

Note: We believe that the bike side plug on the Euro and Aus spec bikes only has two wires going to it. So, this will probably not be a plug and play set up. You will have to find and connect a power wire for the running lights. But, at least this will give you the correct socket to plug into the turn signal housing. The second problem is that Honda has the running lights shut off when the turn signals are activated on the US bikes. This will be extra challenging to achieve on a non US bike. However, if you purchase the EC01304 daytime running light bulbs, they include an internal circuit that automatically shuts the running light off when the turn signal is activated. So, by adding clear turn signal housings and these Electrical Connection bulbs, you will have white running lights that automatically switch to amber when the turn signals are activated. We will add more info to this description as we hear back from customers in these parts of the world with their experiences. 

Item:   CM1046A, CM1046B

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