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GL1800 Front Fork Bushing

GL1800 Front Fork Bushing

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This is a front fork bushing. This OEM Honda bushing is designed to be a direct replacement for the stock fork bushings. There is one guide bushing and one slider bushing in each fork. These are designed to wear and are sold individually. The guide bushing is #15 in the picture and the slider bushing is #16 in the picture. You will need two of each if you are rebuilding both front forks. Select the correct type of bushing for the year of your bike from the drop down box and be sure to order as many as you need. These will fit all Goldwing GL1800's and F6B's from 2001-2017. 51414-MCA-003, 51415-MCA-003, 51414-MFR-671, 51415-MFR-671

Item:  H51414-MCA-003, H51415-MCA-003, H51414-MFR-671, H51415-MFR-671  Honda 

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