GL1800 Ergomot Electric Windshield Kit (ERXSGL)

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This is an electric windshield kit for the Honda Goldwing GL1800 & F6B. This is made by Ergomot and is designed to replace the manual factory Honda windshield adjuster. This kit is available by itself, where you would have to drill holes in your existing windshield or you can order it with one of several different windshields as well as the option for a vent hole (no vent will be included). This kit includes two electrically operated slides as well as a a small toggle switch that is designed to mount in the left fairing and all of the hardware required for installation. The mechanism is completely hidden so, it looks like a stock windshield however, there is a 4" electrically adjustable travel which can be operated while moving. This allows you to fine tune the height of the windshield to create the best air flow for both rider and passenger.

There are five different options for the windshield. These are polycarbonate windshields that are all but indestructible. See video for proof.

None You can choose to get no windshield. This kit will come with the template so you can drill holes in your existing windshield.

Standard This is a standard GL1800 height windshield.

Short This is a windshield that is 2” shorter than a stock GL1800 windshield.

Tall This is a windshield that is 2” taller than a stock GL1800 windshield.

F6B This is a very short windshield that is only about 4” tall. The vent hole option is not available in this windshield.

There are two options for the Vent Hole


With vent hole. This does not include a vent. The hole will accept a standard OEM GL1800 vent.

Adjust your windshield as you need :

  • UP at high speed, to protect your head from wind and turbulence
  • DOWN at low speed, in tunnel, in rain, to give you clear view over the road
  • find the IDEAL POSITION for your passenger and store that position in memory

Break proof, scratch resistant, 4 sizes available !

We will try to stock as many of these kits as possible but, because of the many variables in this kit, we may have to order it for you. It can take a few weeks to get your kit shipped in if we do not have it in stock. There is a 1 year warranty on this product.

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