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GL1800 Aluminum Cooler Rack

GL1800 Aluminum Cooler Rack

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This is an aluminum cooler rack. It is made by Add-On and is designed to work with the verticle style trailer hitch, 45-1806, on the GL1800 to give you a secure place to carry additional items on your bike. This is constructed of aluminum and painted black with the rack portion measuring 11" X 16". It is small enough to not block the tail lights yet strong enough to carry more weight than a trunk mounted luggage rack. This also puts the weight lower on the bike for better handling. The tube slides into the receiver portion of the trailer hitch and the trailer hitch pin holds it in place. There are also holes for the hooks of a bungee cord or net to attach. This will fit all Goldwing GL1800's and F6B's from 2001-2022 with a vertical style trailer hitch. Select the year of your bike when ordering. 678-036B, 678-039B Made in the USA.

Item:    678-036B, 678-039B    Add-On

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