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GL1500 Fairing Molding

GL1500 Fairing Molding

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This is a single Honda fairing molding. We are selling these OEM Honda moldings individually. You will NOT get all four as shown in the picture unless you order all four separately. When the drop down box says "add $2.00" for the small molding, that does NOT mean that you get the small molding also for an extra $2.00. These moldings are sold individually. You only get "one" of them when you add it to the cart. These are the black moldings that go in front of and behind the reflectors on each side of the front fairing on all years of GL1500 Goldwings from 1988-2000. They just snap in place. Replace your old faded, lost or scratched moldings with new ones. Please select the correct molding when you place your order. Their description matches their position when sitting on the bike. 64205-MN5-000, 64206-MN5-000, 64215-MN5-000, 64216-MN5-000

Item: H64205-MN5-000, H64206-MN5-000, H64215-MN5-000, H64216-MN5-000  Honda  

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