GL1000/GL1100/GL1200 35 Watt HID Headlight Kit

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This is a headlight modulator. This is made by Signal Dynamics and is designed for use with bikes with single H4 bulbs. This will fit all Goldwing GL1000's, GL1100's and GL1200's from 1978-1987. 01083, 01015, 48-2004, 48-2001 

Our headlight module increases your daytime visiblity by modulating your incandescent headlight (think flashing, but not quite..) from about 30% intensity to 100% intensity about 4 times per second. When approaching oncoming traffic, your modulating headlight will help you become 10x more visible compared to a standard motorcycle headlight, drastically reducing the risk of potentially fatal collisions involving automobiles. It sounds like it is about time to get yourself a Plug & Play™ Headlight module, right? This module isn't like the rest you've seen, take a look at the advanced features of our Signal Dynamics Plug & Play™ Headlight Module below!


The modulation of the headlight can be toggled on and off by the user during daytime hours. As per DOT regulations, this feature is not available at night. When the bike is started, the default modulation is ON. To turn the modulation on or off, simply switch your bikes high low beam switch to the opposite position and then back to the original position within one second. This can be done with the switch in either the high or low beam position.

Full Function You do not have to compromise between the high beam and low beam with a Signal Dynamics Plug & Play™ Headlight Module because this module will modulate your high OR low beam headlight(s)... you get to choose whenever you want! This feature is useful along with the ON/OFF feature: i.e. You're riding in heavy traffic and you don't want to annoy the bumper to bumper traffic ahead of you, so you switch your modulating low beam(s) off and turn on your solid non-modulating high beam(s).  

Auto Night Shut-Off  The Plug & Play™ Headlight Module is designed to automatically turn on and off at specific light levels in order to comply with the DOT's regulation of no night time modulation.

Switch From Max to Min Mode This module is equipped with two levels of modulation to meet your visibility requirements. (Both are fully DOT compliant). The default level is "Max" when the bike is turned on, but can easily be toggled to "Min" or back to "Max" by simply pressing the horn button twice within one second.

Heads Up Alert Feature The Headlight Module harness has a green wire that can be connected to your horn wire in order to add a visual alert to your horn's audible alert. Pressing the horn will cause your headlight to modulate for 3 seconds (if the module is off) and then return to steady on; If your headlight is already modulating it will instead toggle between min and max mode for 3 seconds, thus giving you a faster flash rate for 3 seconds to give that approaching vehicle a 'head's up'.

Emergency Headlight Feature The Headlight Module is constantly monitoring the bulb that you have selected (high beam or low beam). In the event the bulb(s) should fail; the alternate bulb(s) will instantly be turned on. This switching will only be done once; when the bike is turned off and then back on. Additionally you will not have use of the bulb that failed until it is repaired or replaced. While the Heads-Up™ Alert feature will continue to function in the event of a headlight failure, the headlight will not modulate otherwise. If you find you cannot get your headlight to modulate, check the bulb.

No Excessive Heat Build-Up Handles high power demand sealed beam and halogen headlights totaling up to 130 watts! Operates efficiently with only slight increase above ambient temperature at continuous max headlight power rating.

Surge Protected Internal protection against transient voltage spikes during engine starts or charging system operation. Also drops out if voltage is too low, avoiding problems associated with low voltage.


To install your Plug & Play™ Headlight Module and Single H4 Harness adapter, under normal circumstances, all you need to do is essentially Plug & Play™! To begin, locate your headlight connector(s), this may require some disassembly of your fairings. Next you will need to simply disconnect your existing headlight plug(s). Now take the your motorcycle headlight plug (left plug for dual headlights and secure the unused right plug aside) and connect to the black harness adapter plug, then connect the opposite end of the harness adapter to the back of your headlight plug(s). Connect the 6 pin male connector from the adapter harness to the 6 pin female connector on the Plug & Play™ Headlight Module (this connector is polarized so it can only connect one way). Once everything is connected you will need to mount the optic sensor (grey or black wire with a photo eye on the end). We recommend mounting the optic sensor in a water protected area facing the road. Under the fairing pointed at the front fender is usually a good location. It is very important that the optic sensor is not facing toward the sky or directly at oncoming traffic, as headlights and street lights at night may cause the headlight module to activate. For those who would like a more permanent installation of the "Day Light Sensor", a 5/16 hole can be drilled into fairing. Otherwise, it can be secured to one of the bikes wires or cables with the zip tie. If you would like to utilize the "Heads-Up" Alert feature use the included blue tap splice connector to connect the green wire from the harness adapter to the bike’s horn wire. The bike’s horn wire is the wire that connects the bike’s horn button to the bike’s horn. Note: there only two wires on the horn itself and one of them is where the green wire connects. Choosing the wrong wire will not harm the module or the bike in anyway; The Heads Up Alert feature just will not work. To finish up, mount the Headlight Module with the enclosed adhesive pad and secure all wiring in a manner that will not interfere with any of the bike’s controls. To test the module use an incandescent light source or move outdoors during the day - fluorescent shop lights and LED lighting will not activate the module.


Part Number: 01015 + 01083
Weight: Less than 1lb
System Requirement: 12VDC(-)
Attachment Method: Included Double Sided Adhesive Pad
Module Height (in): 5/8"
Module Length (in): 2 1/4"
Module Width (in): 1 5/8"
Module Wire Length: 5"-6"
Module Plug Connector: 6 pin (plastic) Black - polarized
Headlight Plug Type: H4
How many Headlights: 1 - Single H4 Headlight (1 High / 1 Low)
Module Material: Anodized Aluminum Case with Heat and Water Resistant Potting
Wire: 16AWG - 20AWG
Package Contents: (1) Plug & Play™ Headlight Module, (1) Single H4 Harness Adapter, (1) Adhesive Mounting Pad, (1) Tap Connector
Color / Finish: Black Anodized
Hardware Included: No
Connectors Included: Yes (1)
Tools Required: Zip tie(s) for optic sensor placement (if you do not wish to drill and mount)
Waterproof: No
Water Resistant: Yes
Heat and Vibration Resistant: Yes

Warnings and Notes: 
1.) As per D.O.T. regulations, the Heads Up Alert feature DOES NOT work at night.
2.) The headlight module is designed for use on motorcycles with a 12 volt DC negative ground electrical system; and will not work on motorcycles with an AC electrical system. 
3.) It can be used with any sealed beam or halogen headlight up to 130 watts for the low beam, and 130 watts for the high beam (260 watts total). 
4.) Module is NOT compatible with HID or LED Lighting. If you have any questions regarding electrical system compatibility with your motorcycle, contact your motorcycle's manufacturer or authorized dealership. 
5.) The Headlight Module has been designed to provide static free operation with your radio and intercom systems; however, some hard-wired systems will still produce unwanted static. 
6.) The Plug & Play™ Headlight Module is legal to use on motorcycles in all 50 states, and Canada.
7.) Test function once installed with incandescent lighting or pull bike outdoors, flourescent and LED lighting will not activate module. 

Item:   SD01083K, T48-2004K   Signal Dynamics   

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