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Expander Rack Bag

Expander Rack Bag

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This is a deluxe expander rack bag. It is made by Hopnel and is designed to mount on most luggage racks. This black bag measures 27" X 15" X 9 1/2" and has a generous 3500 cubic inches of storage space. The main compartment has over two cubic feet of storage space with a reinforced body providing consistent packing space and durability. The large 22" x 15" x 9 ½" main compartment has zippered expander pockets on each end providing an additional 5" of extra storage space. The bottom is reinforced with a no slip textured surface, ensuring your luggage stays in place for long term use and wear. This bag includes a top 15 ½" x 6" convenient zippered mesh pouch and two more end 13" x 6" zippered pockets. A tethered all weather vinyl coated rain cover can retreat to its own zippered pocket when not in use. This comes with four hold down fastener points with quick install straps to allow fitment to almost every motorcycle luggage rack. It also includes a convenient shoulder strap.  H50-113BK

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