Collapsible Trunk Rack Bag

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This is a collapsible trunk rack bag. It is made by Hopnel and is designed to mount on top of most brands of trunk racks. Have you ever gone shopping and bought something with no easy way to carry it? Well, Hopnel has a solution for this predicament. This 10” x 11” x 2" travel bag has a shoulder strap for easy carry and can be expanded from 2” to 22” to fit larger purchases, all while easily strapping it to your luggage rack to get it home. When compacted, this bag is only 2" thick and has 3 zippered pockets for convenience. Then, when the center section is expanded, the bag grows to 22”. It comes with a reinforced base for a secure fit on your luggage rack. There are two side zipper pockets that are 11” x 6 ¼” plus a top opening storage pocket of 10” x 11” x 2” to handle travel needs and small purchases. A full zipper expands the collapsible bag by 20” giving a large 10” x 11” x 20” luggage bag center compartment. There are four velcro tie down straps on the bottom as well as a pair of handle straps on the top of the expandable section. 

Item:   BH50-101BK   Hopnel 

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