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Bright Beam LED Replacement Bulb

Bright Beam LED Replacement Bulb

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This is a bright beam LED replacement bulb. This is made by Show Chrome and is designed to maximize illumination while maintaining the same size incandescent to be replaced. These Bright Beam LED's are very bright, maximizing the use of the existing reflectors by affording 12 LED's providing 360 degree coverage plus 6 more LED's on the end for a total of 18 LED's to insure consistent illumination in all use positions. Available in different variations of 1156, 1157 and 7443 bases with amber or red LED's. Select the base style and color you need when ordering.  10-1156RL, 10-1157AL, 10-1157RL, 10-1443RL

Note: These are sold individually. The picture is just to show the different bases available. 

Note: If you will be using any of these LED bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs for turn signals, you will need a load equalizer (SD01008) or LED Flasher (EC08110 for GL1800), to get the lights to flash at the normal pace. This can be purchased separately on our site. Without one, the turn signals will flash at a faster pace. 

Item:   B10-1156RL, B10-1157AL, B10-1157RL, B10-1443AL, B10-1443RL    Show Chrome 

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