Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit

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This is a caliper rebuild kit. This is made by K&L Supply and is designed to give you all of the rubber parts required to rebuild one brake caliper. Please order the correct kit for the year, model and location of the brake caliper that you want to rebuild. These will fit Goldwing GL1000's, GL1100's, GL1200's and GL1500's from 1975-2000. The picture is of one of the kits. They do not all have the exact same components in them.  32-1446, 32-1159, 32-1163

Item:    T29-2848, T29-2849, T29-2851, T29-2852, T29-2854, T29-2855, T29-2856, T29-2857, T29-2858, T29-2870, T29-2900, T29-2901, T29-2902    K&L Supply

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