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BackOFF XP Brake Light Flasher - SD01004

BackOFF XP Brake Light Flasher - SD01004

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This is an XP brake light flasher. This module is made by Signal Dynamics and is designed to work with standard incandescent brake lights, LED brake lights, or a combination of both (up to 10amps). Do not install on a car or truck brake light or turn signal system! You can choose between two different modes when installing. Mode One: Emits 5 short light flashes followed by 1 long light flash (3.5 seconds). The signal then repeats this pattern for as long as the brakes are held on. Mode Two: Emits a visual signal of 5 short flashes followed by a steady on light that remains on as long as the brakes are held. This is great for increasing visibility! This comes with instructions and will fit all years of Goldwing GL1200's, GL1500's, GL1800's and F6B's from 1984-2017. Check your state and local laws before purchasing.  01004, 48-1001

Note: Some Goldwing GL1500 SE factory spoilers use a 6 volt system. This brake light flasher will only work with 12 volt systems.

Item:   SD01004, T48-1001    Signal Dynamics  

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