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50 Watt LED Replacement Cornering Light Bulb

50 Watt LED Replacement Cornering Light Bulb

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You have been asking for this for a long time and now, we finally have them exclusively from Cyclemax! This is a 50 watt replacement cornering light bulb. Each bulb puts out the light of a 50 watt halogen bulb while only drawing 6 watts of power! These are designed to replace the bulbs in the aftermarket lower cowl cornering lights, part #15673-221B. These aftermarket cornering lights normally take a B10-295 bulb. So, if the bulb in your lower cowl light looks like our B10-295 bulb, than these will fit. These are also a direct replacement for the cornering lights that came standard on all 1990-1997 SE models of GL1500 Goldwings. This bulb puts out a lot more light than the stock bulbs and is a much whiter light. It runs a lot cooler and because LED's last so long, it will pay for itself by not having to purchase new bulbs all of the time. These are sold individually. If you are replacing both bulbs, you will need to purchase two of these.  L50WC-2

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