50 Watt H3 LED Fog Light Bulb

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This is a replacement LED bulb. This 50 watt H3 LED bulb is made by SoCalMotoGear and is designed to replace the 35 watt H3 bulb found in many fog lights. Each 50 watt bulb puts out the light of a 50 watt incandescent bulb while drawing less than 8 watts of power! It fits directly into the original socket and provides a much whiter light than the stock bulb while running cooler and lasting longer. This bulb will be a direct replacement for the H3 halogen bulb that comes standard in the B52-604, B52-704 and B52-804 fog light kits from Show Chrome as well as the GL1800 lower cowl halogen fog light kit from Honda. They match the color of the 6000 color HID kits that we sell. These are sold individually so, if you are replacing both fog light bulbs, you will need to order two. This bulb should also fit in place of any H3 halogen bulb in other applications.  H3C50W

Note: Please keep in mind that while this bulb will provide a much whiter light, it will not project it to see down the road as well as the halogen bulb does. Its purpose is to make the bike more visible to others, which it does very well. 

Item:    SCMH3C50W    SoCalMotoGear    

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