4 oz. Cycle Care 33 Polish & Cleaner

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This is a 4 oz. size pump spray bottle of Formula 33 from Cycle Care. This Spray & Wipe, Polish and Cleaner is designed to be used on windshields, paint and chrome as a quick-fix or touch-up on all surfaces. Formula 33 helps provide protection from UV rays, acid rain, & dirt accummulation. It will also polish and remove bugs, road tar, and road film from your windscreen, paint (clearcoat), and chrome. Formula 33 is non-streaking and will provide protection, as well as provide a water repellent shine, but it will not harm any surface including pin stripping, custom paint, or murals. It enhances shedding of rain water from windshields and provides effortless dust and dirt removal without fear of scratches. This is a very handy small size bottle to keep on the bike for use on the road.   3704-0116

Item: P3704-0116 Cycle Care  

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