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2018 Goldwing Helmet Lock Extension

2018 Goldwing Helmet Lock Extension

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This is a helmet lock extension. This is made by Show Chrome and is designed to work with the new Goldwings to make it easier to lock your helmet to the bike. The new helmet locks from Honda have either failed to make it long enough to secure more than one helmet or keep it off the paint. Show Chrome Accessories has a nifty custom designed extension cable that allows easy use and access. You can even secure two helmets and safely set them on the seat to avoid scratching the paint, all while locked safely to the OEM helmet locks. This custom designed 22” nylon coated aircraft quality cable has a T-bracket that allows using the helmet “D” ring and securing the other loop end to the OEM lock. This creates a flexible backed extension that allows easy and safe storage of your helmet versus dangling from the side of your ride scratching the paint. This will fit all 2018-2021 Goldwing and Goldwing Tour models. 52-964

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