2018 Goldwing Goldstrike Programmable LED Trunk Light

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This is a programmable LED trunk light. This is made by Goldstrike and is designed to attach to the rear of the trunk lid. The Goldstrike Trunk Light with Lightstrike Technology will bring a display of unique light function to your bike. Lightstrike Technology gives your run, turn, and brake lighting functions an animated display of brilliant Everlight automotive grade LEDs. User selectable features allow a variety of run, turn and brake modes, with an added strobe effect if desired. Adjustable timer settings give you full control and the ability to customize your lighting. We developed a brake burst mode to increase your safety at those extended stopping circumstances to make sure approaching traffic from the rear takes note. This user selectable feature creates a modulation of the brake light in a number of ways and frequencies. It will fit below any optional luggage rack. This will fit all 2018-2022 Goldwing Tour models. This will not fit the standard Goldwing model without the trunk. NOTE: A 48000 Plug-n-Play installation kit is required for installation. One 48000 harness kit will support up to 4 Goldstrike light kits. This light is available with either a chrome or a black housing. Be sure to make your selection for the finish and the year of your bike when ordering. 48014, 48015, 48024, 48025


  • 10 power-on animations
  • 9 turn modes with optional strobe effect
  • 3 brake animations
  • 5 brake burst modes with burst delay and frequency
  • Adjustable run, turn and brake lighting
  • Free downloadable, password protected, Bluetooth phone app available for iOS and Android devices 
  • Set your style with a variety of power on animations
  • Increased safety when stopped, by adding optional motion and animation to your brake light
  • Adjustable interval time between brake animations with cool down mode



Hundreds of lighting combinations are all accessible through an easy-to-use, Bluetooth controlled, free phone app. The app allows secure password protection, the ability to give your ride its own unique personality with the variety of start-up animations, along with all the functional light settings above. 

    Item:  CIR-48014, CIR-48015, CIR-48024, CIR-48025   Ciro   

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