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2018 Goldwing GL1800 EBC Brake Pads

2018 Goldwing GL1800 EBC Brake Pads

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This is a pair of sintered double-H brake pads. These premium pads are made by EBC and were designed for HH rated stopping power. They are a direct replacement for the factory pads found on all 2018-2021 Goldwing and Goldwing Tour models. Please choose pads for either the front or the rear brake calipers. You will need a total of two front and one rear sets if you are replacing all of the brakes on your bike. 61-0528, 61-0529, FA717HH, FA388/2HH

Note: This is a picture of the rear pads. The front pads will look different.

Item:  T61-0528, T61-0529   EBC  (in stock)

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