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Electrical Connection

2018 Goldwing Fog Light Reconfiguration Harness

2018 Goldwing Fog Light Reconfiguration Harness

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NOTE: This harness will not work on the 2020/21Tour model.  This only works on 2018/19 Tour and the 2018+ Goldwing.

This is a fog light reconfiguration harness. This harness is made by Electrical Connection and is designed to allow you to use your LED fog lights even if your high beams are on. 

Built into the harness is a waterproof MODE switch that allows 2 operations.
.     MODE switch on ~ fog lights will be on anytime the key is on, even with high beam.
.     MODE switch off ~ fog lights will be controlled by the center dash switch and will shut off with high beam.

This is designed for CanBus to not apply any additional load or create reverse polarity. It has plug & play installation at the fog light connector under the cowl and at your accessory terminal. Due to the design of the motorcycle’s electronics, the fog light indicator in the dash will ALWAYS turn off with high beams even with this harness installed. This harness will work with fog lights from Electrical Connection, Hondaline, Show Chrome and Pathfinder since they are all well under the 5 amp max load. Note: Not for use with Rivco Driving Lights. Check local laws regarding use of the harness. This will work on all 2018-2021 Goldwing and 2018-2019 Goldwing Tour models. Made in the USA. 02404

Item:  EC02404  Electrical Connection  

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