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Electrical Connection

2018 Goldwing DCT Parking Brake Interlock

2018 Goldwing DCT Parking Brake Interlock

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This is a DCT parking brake interlock harness. This harness is made by Electrical Connection and is designed to prevent you from riding off when your parking brake is engaged. Once this plug and play harness is installed, it will stop your DCT Transmission from going into gear whenever the parking brake is engaged. This will help stop you from riding off with the parking brake on. The circuit is completely sealed for water and dust. Note: when the parking brake is engaged, the side stand indicator will illuminate even when the side stand is retracted. This will fit all 2018-2021 Goldwing and Goldwing Tour models with the DCT transmission. Made in the USA.  02117

Item:   EC02117  Electrical Connection  

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