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2018 Goldwing DCT Parking Brake Flasher

2018 Goldwing DCT Parking Brake Flasher

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This is a DCT parking brake indicator flasher. This is made by Electrical Connection and is designed to alert you when your parking brake is applied. One of the largest complaints about the DCT model seems to be forgetting to disengage the parking brake. We developed a 3 wire install flasher circuit that flashes the indicator in the dash.  2 bursts per flash then a pause before repeating. This cycle continues until you turn off the parking brake. It is IP65 sealed with pre-terminated wires. This is assembled in the USA of foreign and domestic components. It will fit all 2018-2021 Goldwing and Goldwing Tour models with the DCT transmission. 04205

Item:  EC04205  Electrical Connection  
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