2018 GL1800 Power Park Center Stand

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This is a Power Park Center Stand. It is made by Baker Built Products and is designed to replace the stock center stand. When this is in use, it allows both the front and rear tires to remain on the ground. While sitting on the bike, the rider only has to step on the footpad to lower the Power Park to the ground and then press the reverse button. The bike will put itself up on the stand. When you are ready to leave, just get on the bike, put it in gear and go. Since the rear tire is still on the ground, the bike moves forward, the Power Park Center Stand springs back up to its normal position and you are on your way. You can also put the bike up on the stand manually which will be much easier than the factory center stand because you don't have to lift the rear of the bike off of the ground. This will fit all 2018-2022 Goldwing and Goldwing Tour models.  2018H18CRSBPC
Item:   BKR-2018H18CRSBPC  Baker Built  

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