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2018 GL1800 HeliBars Handlebar Risers

2018 GL1800 HeliBars Handlebar Risers

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This is a set of Gen 2 HeliBars handlebar risers. These Tour Performance handlebar relocation adapters are specifically designed for the 2018-2021 Honda Goldwing and Goldwing Tour models. They install between the factory handlebar mounting clamp risers and the top triple clamp to reduce the reach to the grips. HR01139

HeliBars has updated it's 2018+ Goldwing Gen 2 Tour Performance handlebar adapters to improve comfort and handling.  By removing the original "Sport" position from our adapters we gained the freedom to perfect our Touring position.  We have reduced the rear angle of the grips and adjusted the reach to offer improved comfort and handling performance.

  • 9/16" (14.2mm) Taller
  • 2 1/4" (57.15mm) Rearward
  • Bolt Cover caps now included! 
  • Reduction in rearward wrist angle
  • Heli Tour performance handlebar relocation adapters moves the factory bars into a more comfortable position by reducing reach.
  • All original cables and hydraulic lines are retained and are un-modified
  • Hard Coat Anodized
  • Increased leverage boosts confidence, improves low speed handling and makes the new Wing feel even lighter. 
  • Super precision adapters have drain holes in the recessed hardware mounting bores to eliminate corrosion from pooling water.
  • Does not interfere with the complex new front fork components
  • Template included for trimming the plastic top handlebar mount cover.


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