2018 GL1800 Electronic Fuse Block

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This is an electronic fuse block. This electronically isolated fuse block is made by Show Chrome and is designed to allow you to easily and safely add lights and accessories to your bike. This Plug and Play Electronic Fuse Block was spefically designed for the new Goldwing. It is designed with eleven terminal tie in points which are electronically protected by nine separate relays and fuses. They include: turnsignal, running lights, brake light, always on and keyed connection points. The Goldwing’s electrical system is protected by a 20 amp fuse and separate 30 amp relay to isolate all your electrical accessories from the Goldwing’s electrical system. This comes with two sub harnesses with OEM connectors for seamless connectivity. This is a must have accessory when adding electrical accessories to the 2018 and newer GL1800 Goldwing. This unit measures 3 3/4" X 2 3/4" X 1 1/8" and will fit all 2018-2021 Goldwing and Goldwing Tour models. 52-942

Item:   B52-942   Show Chrome   

Customer Reviews

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Tom C.
It performs as advertised.

Very easy install although I used Wago connectors to connect the harnesses to the fuse block instead of what was provided. Everything worked perfectly the first time everything was connected, which is always a plus. I used the fuse block to connect the GT Marvel trunk light. I do wish Show Chrome used connectors from the factory instead of bare wires, but everything works fine as is. Screwing down the tiny, I think 22-gauge, wires was a bit challenging. Patience is key. Definitely recommend.

Pretty good block, instructions misleading

I installed this accessory fuse block on my 2021 Goldwing Tour DCT. The printed instructions and online YouTube videos show where to mount it under the seat on the left side just rear of the gas tank. I got everything spliced and buttoned up, then discovered the seat would not go down into place. There is a large plastic knob / stanchion under the left side of the seat there that rams right into the middle of the box. So I had to take it all apart, re-splice and re-tape, and put it on the right side with new plastic ties. A lot of re-work. Then it fits. I contacted Showchrome about this. They had based it all on a 2018 model. The seat bottom design must have changed after 2018, an they were not notified. If you buy this item, don't follow the instructions!

Part of the package is the plug-and-play sub-harnesses that goes in between the saddlebag light connectors under the seat, to pick up on brake and running light signals, and turn signals. That part is great and the block seems to work well, and was easy..

I also tried to install short wires on the accessory side (5 always on and keyed points, with + and - for each) as instructed so I can more easily add more accessories in the future. But the very tiny screws there do not seem to hold the wires in place very well. Every time I tried to gather them and route them to the side, 1 or more of them pulled right out of the block with almost no pressure. I tightened the screws over and over but same results. As I add items in the future I will need to solder wires right on to the block, I guess. For now I just took all those wires out.

The block is not very weather proof, but I just put black duct tape over the connection holes to keep dust and possible water spray out.

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