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Note: These have been discontinued. We will try to take sizes off of the website as we run out of them.

These are the Microwire G3 gloves. Gerbings developed Microwire™ in response to a Department of Defense contract for heated clothing for Special Ops Forces. Of the conventional heating systems employed in heated motorcycle clothing at the time, none of it was up to the stress and strains that a soldier would put these items through, especially the demands of Special Ops. Carbon fiber wires were too brittle and thick, and common copper wire heated too slowly and eventually the military was able to get it to fail. In a nutshell, the military wanted something stronger and more durable, thinner and lighter, and which would heat more rapidly. The answer to all these requirements was what we call Microwire™. And when we were done developing it, we patented it. The wire in Microwire™ consists of bundles of hundreds microscopic stainless steel strands, each about 12 microns thick (about 1/4th the thickness of a human hair), twisted and wrapped in a thin Teflon-derived coating. Because heat escapes these strands from their circumferences, and because there are so many of these strands and they’re so tiny, Microwire™ heats instantly. No more waiting for the heat. It's there RIGHT NOW! In the R&D process, we found that by altering the number of these strands in each wire, we were able to custom-tune the amount of heat. Additionally, by using these wires either in a heating pad, in a woven pattern or in our patented ribbon matrix, we could further tune how the heat is delivered. More, when using the ribbon matrix, we could refine the heat delivery to an even greater degree by altering the number of wires in the ribbon (from 2 up to 6). It is this “tunability” to each garment application that is one of the major advantages of Microwire™. But it doesn’t stop there. Being as tiny as they are, and made from stainless steel, our strands (and therefore our wire) is incredibly flexible and exceptionally rugged. Also, at about .025” (vs. about .075 for the copper resistance wire that’s been in use all these years), Microwire is exceptionally thin. So much so you can’t feel the wires. Another advantage is at this tiny size we’ve been able to reduce more than a pound from the weight of our Jacket Liner, with similar weight reductions in our other Microwire garments. So, in the end, Microwire is thinner, lighter, stronger and more durable. And it heats up in just 10% of the time that the old copper wire required.

The Gerbing G3 is a gauntlet style glove with exceptionally soft leather making it Gerbing's most pliable and comfortable heated glove to date. This old style of G3 glove has been discontinued and replaced with the new Microwire G3 glove.  The glove design is sleek, stylish and made with rich black leather that makes for a comfy fit as it contours to the hand. The glove is built for function as well with such features as a gel cushioned palm, an extended gauntlet, an adjustable wrist enclosure, Thinsulate® 40 gram insulation, a protective moisture barrier membrane and Gerbing's High Density Heat® technology to keep your hands and fingers toasty warm. Less bulk with more warmth makes the Gerbing G3 the ultimate glove for your riding experience. Every article of Gerbing's heated clothing comes with a fused battery harness that connects to the battery and plugs into the jacket, gloves, etc. No additional wiring in needed for this to work although we should point out that while connected to the battery the garment will be on full. The purchase of either a Gerbing's on off switch or a Gerbing's temperature controller will make this garment much more comfortable.
°F +/- 5 °F at 32 °F

Includes: Battery Harness &
Glove Harness

- High Grade Leather
- Gauntlet
- Gel Cushioning in palm
- Adjustable wrist enclosure

Protective moisture barrier membrane
- Thinsulate lining
- Clean styling
- G3 branding

Heating Element: GHC High Density Heat
Power Supply: 12-volts DC Current
Draw in Amps: 2.2
Draw in Watts 27 watts
Surface Temperature: 135

Item:   GGLG3    Gerbing's

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