J&M 787 Elite Series Headset

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Note: These headsets are discontinued. We will try to remove them from the website as soon as we run out of them.

This is a 787 Elite Series headset. This Elite headset is made by J&M and is designed to work on most open, flip and full faced helmets. There is one headset designed specifically for full faced helmets and another designed specifically for open and flip (modular) style helmets. Be sure to make your selection when ordering. Both of these headsets feature J&M's miniature extra-high-output (XHO) AeroMike® VI microphone. The full faced style headset has a chin bar mounted microphone and new slim-line 40mm high-intensity helmet speakers for improved on-highway audio performance. The open/flip style headset has a boom mounted microphone and new large-diameter-custom 45mm high-intensity helmet speakers for improved on-highway audio performance. They are both tuned for use with all factory installed motorcycle audio systems. These feature J&M's 8-pin two-piece hook-up cord system (upper cord ONLY included with headset) that allows connection of these headsets to any factory installed motorcycle audio system in existence today. This kit also includes three different size windsocks as well as an allen wrench to install the clamp. This headset provides better overall sound quality over J&M's Performance series headsets. PLEASE NOTE: This headset requires that you purchase a HC-ZB or HC-ZBV lower cord separately for it to work on all 1980 and newer Honda motorcycles. J&M is probably the highest quality manufacturer of communication equipment in the world. You can't go wrong with them.   HS-EHI787-FFS-XHO, HS-EHI787-LDC-XHO

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